all alone

   Démo enregistrée en 2009
   Musique : Bilel Boucheta
   Paroles : Bilel Boucheta, Rafael Ikenaga

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all alone

In your world
In your forbidden garden
I feel unwelcome despite your words
It's hard to bear

While in my world
The doors are always wide opened
I show my secrets, display my love
My will to share

Is love alive?
Where is your heart?
Has it ever beaten for me there inside?

How can I survive?
When love's torn us apart
I'm so sick and tired of waiting
Of playing sick and hide

I feel all alone, so all alone
Though you're by my side
All is cold as ice
All alone, I'm so all alone
Your silence has killed me and I feel so bad

I'm standing on the threshold
Knocking at your frontdoor
I feel all abandonned and ignored
Crying like the hopeless
Begging like the homeless
Know love doesn't live here anymore

(All alone)
Why don't you tell the truth about it
Who do you keep lying to me
(All alone)
Why don't you tell me straight about it, 
Can't you see that I'm through with it
(All alone)
Why don't you wanna tell me babe
Your lies are gonna to killing me
(All alone)
Why don't you tell the truth about it
Didn't Mama M teach you that
I feel all alone

(Dedicated to Michael Joseph Jackson)




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